About Cuckquean.com

About Cuckquean.com,  A Site For Cuckqueans and Those Who Love Them

Cuckolds have been alone in the spotlight for a long time, but not anymore. Cuckqueans, now is your time to shine!

Our goal is to raise awareness of the cuckquean lifestyle and culture. There’s no reason that women shouldn’t have a right to the same feelings and desires as men have always had. Cuckqueaning is not new, but some people still don’t even know what a cuckquean is, what a shame (though being a cuckquean is nothing to be ashamed of)!

We hope that each website, each ebook, each podcast, each video, each story told by a cuckquean (or her cuckcake) will help to open the world’s eyes to the joys and possibilities of alternative relationships. Through kink positive information, let the cuckqueans be free!

Future Plans

We are working on a lot of updates for this site, including more real life experiences from people living in the cuckquean lifestyle, as well as more reviews of recommended websites, books, and podcasts that might be of interest to those living the lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for future features and articles on Cuckquean.com.