Cuckquean Relationships

How To Manage A Cuckquean Relationship


The single most important element of a successful cuckquean relationship is the single most important part of any relationship is communication (no, not sex)! You must talk to your partner about cuckqueaning and make sure that you are both comfortable with the idea. Don’t involve a third person until the first two people are 100% sure.

Not every couple needs to act on their kink. For many people, the fantasy is hot enough. You might first try talking dirty to each other about cuckqueaning, reading or writing cuckquean stories, listening to audio, or watching other people cuckquean online. There are lots of ways to explore your fantasies and curiosities together without either of you actually touching another person.

Set Rule And Stick To Them

If you decide that you want to proceed to bringing a third person into your relationship, to take the step to becoming a real cuckquean, make sure that you and your partner agree on a set of definitive unbreakable rules. It’s not that the rules can’t be changed later, but each rule that is agreed upon should not be broken in the heat of the moment, or without further communication.

The types of rules you might discuss include the obvious – don’t fall in love with another person, always us a condom – to the boring – no affairs with smokers, she can’t younger than me – to very specific kinks – you must scream my name while spanking her. Decide on rules that work for you and that you can both agree on.

If you’re looking for specific advice on a rule set for cuckqueaning relationships, you might check with online swingers groups . Swingers have been navigating relationship where both partners have sex with other people for decades. Those in the lifestyle are usually willing to share their experiences and advice on how to keep your core relationship strong while playing with others.

Know When To Step Back

Cuckqueaning is a kink. Kinks are one part of a healthy relationship. People have things that turn them on, but they also have things that make them feel insecure or uncomfortable. When experimenting, it’s sometimes difficult to guess where the line is between being turned on and being scared or sad. If you start to get scared or sad, make sure to talk to your partner about it right away. If you value your relationship, don’t be afraid to talk about all of your feelings and emotions.

If you need to step back, step back. There is nothing to be ashamed of in trying something new and finding out it’s not for you. That’s called growth. Many people love the cuckqueaning lifestyle, but it’s not for everyone.

Going back to the first point, communication is key to a great relationship – whether you’re cuckqueaning or not. Talk to each other, support each other, and give each other strength. There is nothing more sexy than a couple where both partners are happy!