What is a Cuckquean?

Defining Cuckquean

The Simple Answer

A cuckquean is a female cuckold — a woman whose husband has sex with other women.

A Bit More Detail

Most people reading this text already understand what a cuckold is and what it means, why it can be sexually exciting for some people, and how culture views cuckolds. Cuckqueans are the female equivalent of a cuckold. For a woman to be a cuckquean, she must have a partner – either a husband, boyfriend, or other significant other – and that partner must be having sex with a third party. The third party (usually a woman) is called a “cuckcake” (like cupcake). The cuckcake is equivalent to the “bull” in a cuckold relationship.

You could be forgiven for thinking, “Oh, a cuckquean is a fancy way to say ‘a woman with a cheating husband!'” Well, yes, and no. Technically, a cuckquean is a woman with a “cheating” partner, but the cheating is part of the fun. In fact, in most cuckquean relationships, the woman either watches her husband with the other woman, has her husband tell her graphic details about it after the affair, or even participates in some way.

The basic cuckquean experience – like the male cuckold version – is one of submission or being dominated in some way, even if the submissive is actually in control (via having agreed to be dominated beforehand).

Why Cuckqueaning?

Humiliation and jealousy can be huge turn-ons for some women, just like they can for men. Some women have huge sex drives and they want to try more and more daring things to get themselves more and more excited. Conversely, some women have partners who need more sex than they are interested in providing and becoming a cuckquean allows them to get turned on by their husband’s infidelity without losing control of the relationship.

There are as many reasons that women become cuckqueans as there are reasons that a man becomes a cuckold. People are very complicated and sexual kinks can be difficult to explain or understand, even for the person being turned on by them.

The important thing to remember is that while a cuckquean may appear to be dominated or humiliated, don’t pity her. She made the choice to be a “quean”, and the quean is definitely going to enjoy herself!