Cuckquean Dating

Finding A Cuckquean Date

Dating Websites

Once you’ve discussed it with your partner and created some rules (as discussed in our relationships article), it’s time to find a third party for your husband to have sex with. That person is called a “cuckcake” in the cuckquean lifestyle lingo, but you don’t have to tell them that. All they need to know is that they’re going to have sex with your husband.

How do you find a cuckcake to have an affair with your husband and make you a cuckquean? The easiest way today is to use one of any number of dating, hookup, or swinger websites. Adult Friend Finder is probably the longest running and best known of the adult dating websites, but there are many of them.


If you’re more of an app person, Tinder, Bumble, and similar dating or hookup apps are an obvious place to find women up for cuckqueaning.

Reddit & Swinger Forums

There are different ways to approach finding a cuckcake for your male partner to have affair with. If you want to find a “normal” girl for him to have sex with while you’re watching or somehow involved, any dating website or app should work. If you want to find someone experienced in cuckqueaning or threesomes, you might try relevant Reddit groups or online forums that swingers frequent.

Local Bars

If you’re feeling adventurous or old fashioned, you can always hit a local bar to try to see who’s up for a little fun after closing time. It’s not the way that things are usually done these days, but for generations of cuckqueans, it was the only option available and they made the best of it!