Welcome to The Cuckquean.com Blog

This is the official blog for all things cuckquean and cuckqueaning. We have a lot of stuff planned, though it will take time to do updates and add more articles and links to relevant sites, forums, chat, and resources.

If you look at the growing popularity of cuckquean on other sites (articles, videos, comments, forum posts, etc.), you can tell that people are getting more interested in recent years. Twenty years ago, most people didn’t even know much about cuckolds, no less cuckqueans.

We’re hoping to help keep the open minded momentum alive. As with swingers and other kinks, education of the public is important to acceptance. There are many people that are respectful of kinks and fetishes today that would have written us off as “weird” years ago. Awareness and acceptance of non-monogamous relationships and polyamory amount young people is on the rise.

If you have any ideas for future blog topics or other ideas for improving the site, feel free to let us know. Happy cuckqueaning until next time!